Online Practice Test (Grade1-8)

In wake of COVID19 pandemic online practice for final exam prep has been designed for school children. 

This test has been created for students of Grade 1-8 to test their preparation for final exam. Taking OPT (OPT) is the best way to assess your preparation. Test is prepared from books of USA school syllabus and is most suitable for school children. 

Test of all subjects are available from Grade-1 to Grade-8. This can optioned while registration of test. Option for registration is given below.

This test is only available online and after completion of test you will be scored automatically. Best of all, you will get a copy of your test with score in your email. So, this test is equally beneficial for parents to check preparation of their children for final exam.


You will have to take plain paper, pencil, calculator and other accessories with you. A cup of tea or glass of water on table will be additional utility. 

Keep in mind that test may contain MCQs, fill in the blanks and short answer questions. 

To start OPT you will have to register yourself and pay test fee of $10/Subject through PayPal. 

After successful registration, log-in information will be sent through register email. And you will be able to take test.

Note: Carefully select your grade and subject for OPT. Otherwise you will drive through different exam.

Disclaimer: This is only to self-check your preparation for final exams and not official school exam.

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