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To meet the costs for higher education and encourage students at secondary and graduate level we offer scholarship/awards opportunities to academically excellent students.  Our major source of financial assistance is our Students Scholarship/Award Programs. These programs include Easy Writing, Mathematics Competitions, Science Knowledge Award, Under-Graduate Scholarship Award, College Fund Award, School Fee Fund and like wise.

Many students participate in school, college and universities level academic competitions every year. The competitions are of different nature including writing, math, poetryarchitecture, dance, video design, audio design, computer coding, flying, debate and many more. Number of competitions at national and international level is increasing day by day. So, one cannot understand in which competition he/she should participate because of limited resources and time. Parents and educators also find it hard to prepare a student for competition. Some of the competitions like Regeneron Science Talent Search, STEM Competitions, Conrad Innovation Challenge, Letters about Literature and Odyssey of the Mind are one of most difficult to prepare for individuals. 

We, as an educational organization, trying it hard to provide such an opportunities to the students which can be accomplished easily. And teachers/parents could also make prepare their children to participate in competitions. Below are some of the competitions which we think are more easy to understand, prepare and compete then any other. The thing we expect from participants is, to strictly follow the guidelines, scope and timeline. 

In most easy competitions we offer Discovery Contest Award open for international students of Grade 08-10. In this students are asked to discuss about the latest 05 discoveries/inventions in any field of science and technology. In writing students are required to make sure that they have told about the name of discovery, name of individual/organization who discovered/invented, in which year the development was made and what are its advantages/disadvantages(if any). The evaluation criteria of this competition is very simple where we find the discoveries/inventions most beneficial for human beings. Finally, ten awards are offered to the students based on their work.

Our second and easy competitions for small school children is Short Story Competition. Where we expect a little story of 1300 words only from little cuties of Grade 06 to 10. Monetary rewards are offered to top story writers. Story is evaluated by a panel of expert school teachers.

Mission Statement
We want to encourage our students by arranging educational competitions to develop healthy reading culture. Making our students familiar with the current literature and recent scientific developments, so that we could create future leaders, scientists, and thinkers.

Why Students Participate in Educational Competitions?
Students should participate in educational competitions due to following reasons.:
1. Students can assess their strengths while taking quiz or entering competition
2. Preparation in competitions can help students in boosting their knowledge base
3. Quiz competition help students to assess their weaknesses and find ways to overcome
4. It Help in building competition environment among classmates and college graduates
5. Participating in quiz competition motivate students in achieving future learning goals
6. It helps in capacity building while coping with mental stress during competition
7. Parents can identify their children's personalities, aptitude and mental growth
8. Students can learn how to find solutions for different problems 
9. Concept of helping behavior develop among students in healthy competitions
10. Students can learn decision making while solving quiz competitions